CO YO – Britain’s first & most popular coconut milk yoghurt range does organic

CO YO (, the award-winning brand that has revolutionised the dairy-free market by launching the UK’s first and most popular range of coconut milk yoghurts, is taking its full line completely organic.

Coinciding with Organic September 2018, all 8 SKUs of CO YO’s coconut milk yoghurt will carry the Soil Association accreditation as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to producing the best quality coconut milk products in Britain.

The development also allows the brand to tap into growing consumer demand for organic food and drink.

Every product in the CO YO family is produced at the brand’s own premises in Kent. CO YO is the only coconut milk yoghurt brand that contains absolutely no preservatives, additives, refined sugar or added water. The range is also all-natural, made from whole ingredients and is free from dairy, lactose, gluten and soya. It has the highest coconut content of any coconut yoghurt available, with 97% of each pot made from nothing but pure coconut.

Food that is labelled organic must meet strict criteria governing how the ingredients have been grown and produced. All organic products contain no additives or preservatives, and are produced using far fewer pesticides and sustainable methods.

Bethany Eaton, Founder of CO YO says: “We’re fully committed to creating the best quality coconut milk yoghurt in the UK. For us, this means taking the CO YO range completely organic, with Organic September 2018 being the perfect time to do this.

“This development allows the business to meet growing demand for organic products in the UK. The market is experiencing rapid expansion, with particular demand in the organic chilled foods category, which is growing by 12% over the past year.”

The CO YO coconut milk yoghurt range is available nationwide at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Selfridges and over 1000 independents with an RRP of £1.99 for 125g, £3.49 for 250g and £4.99 for 400g.

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