Protein packed snacks fuel Sainsbury’s growth for Indie Bay

Indie Bay – the brand on a mission to reinvent the snacking category – is fuelling growth in the start-up sector as it extends its reach in Sainsbury’s with protein packed snacks.

The challenger brand, which rolled its ‘Pretzel Bites with Benefits’ range into Sainsbury’s Local queue systems in September last year as part of the retail giant’s ‘Future Brands’ programme, will this month double its reach with the leading multiple, with its protein rich ‘Sunflower & Superseeds’ Bites now sold in the main snacking aisle in almost 350 stores.

Dafna Bonas, Founder of Indie Bay, says: “The UK protein market has exploded in recent years. With 55% of households considering protein content an important factor in their food choices[1], and with the global protein market set to grow 7% by 2025[2], it offers the snacking category a clear opportunity for growth.

“Snackers today want natural and wholesome options, but with 24/7 lifestyles and the rise of eating on-the-go, they also want snacks that deliver on performance and satisfaction. As a challenger brand with a focus on NPD and innovation, we are perfectly positioned to deliver this. Our crunchy Sunflower & Superseeds Pretzel Bites – which are packed with 5g of protein per 26g bag – about as much protein as a hard-boiled egg – offer consumers a delicious, satisfying, protein rich snack, but also one that is wholesome, plant based, and just over 106 calories per bag.”

For Indie Bay, which was founded in 2017 with backing from grocery heavyweights including Jeff van der Eems, ex United Biscuit CEO, and Hazem Ben-Gacem of InvestCorp, who sat on the board for Tyrells, the protein snacks launch in Sainsbury’s is indicative of a wider business growth picture.

Bonas continues: “The snacking sector is hugely competitive right now, but as small brand we are beating the odds. Being championed by Sainsbury’s as part of their ‘Future Brands programme is a real accolade, and their investment in us as a long term growth brand is fantastic.

Beyond our Sainsbury’s expansion, in the past six months we’ve also grown our UK stockists to over 1,000, expanded our presence in three international markets with more to be announced soon, and are on set to achieve over 300% growth by the end of the year.

Innovation is absolutely fundamental to our growth, and looking ahead we have an exciting new product line in development which is set to launch for Christmas, large scale samplings at key events over the summer including Taste of London, retailer partnerships such as our window in Wholefoods Kensington in June, as well as marketing activity to support our Sainsbury’s growth.”

Available in convenient 26g bags, Indie Bay Sunflower & Superseeds Pretzel Bites will be available to buy from Sainsbury’s Local stores around the UK from 1st June. RRP £1 for a 26g bag.

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