Sainsbury’s new food labelling scheme to aid foodbanks

Sainsbury’s has launched a new campaign to encourage one million food and toy donations in stores across the UK.


A group of National Citizen Service (NCS) graduates from Exeter have played a major role to help kick-start the campaign, inventing new on-shelf labels to highlight priority products for donation. The teens spotted that customers were only noticing the food bank donation bins after finishing their shop, meaning it was too late to purchase products for donation. The 13 teenagers created a dedicated shelf edge label to remind customers during their shop. After successfully pitching the idea to store manager, Sarah Spurling, in Sainsbury’s Exeter, the labels were implemented in store and donations tripled as a result.


Sainsbury’s has worked closely with the teenagers, to develop the idea and the labels will now be rolled out nationally to all Sainsbury’s stores across the UK to launch the Help Brighten a Million Christmases campaign and highlight priority donation items, such as tinned meat and vegetables, in store.


As Sainsbury’s food donation scheme runs year-round, the labels will continue to remain in stores after the 16th December, becoming a permanent fixture.


Claudine Blamey, Sainsbury’s Group Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, commentsWe’re excited to be working together as a Group to expand Sainsbury’s food donation programme and to launch Argos’ toy donation programme. We are committed to making a positive difference in local communities and we hope our customers get on board to help brighten the lives of those less fortunate in the community.”


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